About Our Bows


Beauty. Speed.





Why choose between beauty and performance? With a Diamondback custom traditional bow you can have both at an affordable price. Diamondback longbows and recurves are hand-crafted using only top quality materials and are built to your specifications. Great care is put into every detail of building your Diamondback bow. You get a smooth, fast, accurate, and comfortable bow, ready for the field or range. Your bow is hand-tuned and tested for high performance, and is Fast Flight compatible. Sight windows are cut past center. This makes them less arrow critical, allowing you to use a larger range of arrow spines. Contoured grips are designed for consistency. If your hand is a little out of place, you’ll feel it.

 So come and Feel the Difference


Available Bow Lengths

One-piece Venom Longbows: 58″ to 68″

Take-down Rat’ler Longbows: 62″ to 68″

One-piece Venom Recurves: 62”

Available Bow Weights

 25# to 70# (stronger weights are available, but the arrow shelf will not be cut past center)


All Diamondback bows have a radiused arrow shelf with the fulcrum/pivot point directly above the deepest part of the throat of the grip. This makes it more forgiving to torque.

The sight window is cut 1/16″ past center, making it less arrow critical and still leaving enough wood for a strong riser. The contoured grip and thumb groove is comfortable and ensures consistent hand placement. Optional finger grooves also help.

Longbows are reflex/deflex design for a smooth draw and high arrow speed. Tip overlays are linen phenolic for strength and topped off with hardwood for looks. The bows are compatible with any of the high performance, no stretch strings and are tillered for split finger.  Upon request, they can be tillered for 3 under.

Fuller Plast catalyzed varnish is used for the finish…very durable and will last for years.

All Diamondback bows come with a calf hair traditional arrow rest, and a flemish twist string, with nock set and silencers.  Your flemish twist string is set up to shoot your arrow under the nock set.  

Match some arrows to your new Diamondback and you’re ready to hunt or compete.

If you need help with tuning your bow, check out our videos on YouTube.