Traditional Laminated Bow Care Instructions

Your flemish twist string is set up to shoot your arrow under the nock set.

Never dry fire your bow
Drawing and releasing the string without an arrow puts a great deal of stress on your bow. It could cause it to delaminate.

Always use a bow stringer to string and unstring your bow
The most common way laminated bows break is by improper stringing and unstringing, particularly with recurves. If you twist the limbs while bending them, they will likely break.

Storing Your Bow
It is okay to store your bow with the string on. It won’t lose power like an all-wood bow. But don’t leave it in a hot car or in direct sunlight on a hot day, especially with the string on. It could soften the glue and cause delamination. I leave my bow strung, in the shade (but not on a hot day), if I plan on shooting it in the next few days.

If you are storing your bow with the string on, hang it horizontally by the string. With the string off, store it horizontally on a shelf or on shelf pegs. Avoid storing your bow in the standing position.