Customer Reviews

Kyle, OR…Hello, just wanted to let you know my new bow showed up on the porch this morning. I was a little surprised considering the 14″ of fresh snow, but let me say what a beautiful thing you and your company have built. I had a chance this evening to get a few shots through it, and boy it felt good. I have had so much concern and anticipation leading up to this moment considering its my very first custom longbow but I was very relieved and excited when I first put eyes and fingers on it. Thank you so much for helping me pick out a product right for me, and also for such a great turn around time from order to operational. This bow was on my porch in exactly 30 days. Great job and Thank you again 5 stars!

Walter, MO…Just wanted to share with you how much fun I am having with my longbow this year. This bow is deadly accurate and stunningly beautiful. Thanks for a perfect bow!

Daren, NY…Great Bow.. Looks and Shoots AWESOME.. Quality.

Jud, WA…Awesome Bow, shoots great, right where I’m looking, super smooth and super quiet

Terry, IL…OMG!   This is by far the most beautiful bow I have ever owned.   Shootin’ bullet holes.   I might add you are the master bowyer.  Thank you so much!  May the Lord bless you.

Daren, NY…Great Bow.. Looks and Shoots AWESOME

Jesse, WA…The most beautiful bow I have ever seen. Pictures do no justice! Will buy again

Chad, NE…The bow is a rocket!!!!!!!!

Kristopher, CO…Awesome bow, couldn’t be happier

Zac, AR…beautiful bow shoots great quiet, blistering fast, and deadly accurate

Tim, MO… I really Love the bow It is a great design, smooth draw, fast , perfect for hunting at 62”and 29” draw And no hand shock and it shoots where you look… I can’t believe how this bow shoots at only 45lb’s thankyou again !!!

Madelene, MD…Good shooting bow!

Dave, IL …I just wanted to thank you for building such an excellent bow. I love it! Not only is it beautiful, it also shoots wonderfully; fast and accurate. For me this is the bow of a lifetime. I am looking forward to hunting with it. Thanks again.

Paul, WA….I received my Venom II last week and I must say it’s an amazing bow. I love it! I’m very glad I ran across your website when I was considering purchasing a Recurve. I will definitely do business with you again in the future.

Ron, PA… wow what a beautiful bow….recommend to all trad archers

Robert, AL…beautiful bow

John, TX… SPECTACULAR bow & service! BETTER than pics!

Erin, SD…Great looking Bow!…Flawless!

Blake, CA…Here’s a couple pics of the doe I harvested in Oklahoma a couple weeks ago with my new 64” #49 Venom Custom Longbow. This bow is awesome!!! It shoots incredibly fast and it’s forgiving, easy to pull with absolutely no hand shock and my arrows hit right where I look!!! Not to mention how nice the bow looks and feels, Plus all of the compliments I get about how nice it is in every archery shop from California to Oklahoma!!! I’ll definatly be buying more your bows!!

Tim, Canada…Beautiful bow shoot very nice

James, FL….Absolutely Awesome Bow!

Richard, GA…great service and beautiful bows

Glove, KS…I couldn’t be happier! It is a wonderful handcrafted piece that I am proud to own and shoot. It’s wicked fast and I cannot wait to get it to the woods. I will always refer any who may be looking into quality traditional equipment to you. Your customer service is outstanding and the bow speaks for itself. Thanks so much.

Jeremy, IL….Best Bow I Have Ever Seen!! Will own more!

Gary, FL…Excellent! Quaiity materials & craftmanship. Feels & shoots fantastic

Dave, MT….I want to let you know that the Rattler and I won the Montana State shoot yesterday. She performed perfectly.

Boyd, NV…beautiful bow! You guys rock!

Ben, TX…Its by far the best bow I’ve had.

Tim, NH….after all my years, in both hunting and 3D shooting, this Bow is without a doubt my favorite and as you know I have a collection of high end Bows. In my honest opinion they can’t match the feel and shoot ability of this bow…….there is just something that feels so right about it in your hands.

R.S., LA….this bow is smokin’ fast and it looks better and shoots better than all of my friends.

Dave, MT…. We are very excited to have Diamondback Archery as a sponsor for this season. We want to work with people like yourself who are producing great products and genuinely care care about their customer’s needs…. will have to send some photos of my groups sometime as they are very impressive compared to my last longbow.

Thomas, SC…nice bow, that shoots well. thanks!

Erik, IN…Great looking longbow – Shoots better than it looks – this will be my 3-D bow


Mike, NY…I only can say great things about James and this company. I have been looking for a bow that is unique and is well made. There are many other bows on the market but in my opinion diamondback archery provides the best. The quality and craftsmanship is outstanding. The performance of my custom venom longbow is accurate and fast. I have called James to speak with him directly about my bow and how to set it up to maximize its performance. He has provided great advice and more than accommodating. He truly has a passion for this sport and what he does for a living. I highly recommend supporting this company due to the fact that it is their passion to make the best bow on the market. I will be sending pictures of how my bow performed this hunting season. Thanks again diamondback archery.

Glenn, MO…Excellent quality and a shooter to boot….The best shooting longbow that I have ever shot….you won’t be disappointed.

Garrett, LA…Great bow! Beautiful! Smooth shooting! Would recommend! Will buy more Diamondbacks

Wolfram, Austria…perfect bow, perfect service thanks!!!

Josh, IA…I have a diamondback recurve and absolutely love it. Shoots as good as it looks with very little hand shock and no stacking at all. I put the beaver balls in the string and it is whisper quiet as well. I wasn’t sure about the finger grooves until I actually got it in my hand, but dang if it don’t fit like a glove.

Chuck…Very fast bow Great service. Would recommend to anyone.